General Manager

Champaign, IL

General & Administrative

POSTED: 5/15/2018


The General Manager plans, directs and controls all sales and operational activities in the local outdoor advertising market.


Protects the assets of the company at all times to ensure short and long-term financial success and viability of the market and organization as a whole

Provides competent and sound business leadership when interacting at all levels to ensure success in achieving business goals and objectives.

Incorporates the concepts of AOA’s Mission, Vision and Values daily when executing all aspects of the GM job functions including the core tenant that organizational growth at the market level is an essential function and core accountability of the position.

Establishes budgets and monitors key internal and external financial indicators to gauge business trends in the market and the industry.

Ensures that all line personnel and department managers of the market execute their roles and responsibilities within the legal, moral, ethical, and financial framework of Adams Outdoor Advertising.

Oversees the entire sales, operations, accounting functions and related personnel. Monitors progress to ensure quality and quantity of work.

Reviews and approves all financial and advertising sales reports.

Acts and functions as an agent of not a barrier to change in the work environment.

Manages directly or through subordinates inventory utilization, maximizing inventory values at all times.

Utilizes positive, professional and constructive confrontation within a business context with superiors and subordinates alike to address and respond to issues in an appropriate and timely fashion thereby gaining resolution to situations.

Acts as chief administrator of all business control issues, specifically revenue, operating profits and cash flow

Demonstrates a consistent ability to be decisive in making business decisions which improve the overall functionality and/or profitability of the operation.

Administers departmental salaries and expenses.

Assures maximum utilization of all operating resources.

Ensures all company policies, procedures and guidelines pertaining to all aspects of the business are followed without exception.

Understands the critical relationship that real estate activities play in the profitability of the market and adheres to all real estate policies, guidelines and procedures without exception.

Embraces the concept that exception-based management should be employed only on an as needed basis and should not be the norm when executing roles and responsibilities to achieve business results.

Cooperates with the corporate office and other Adams Outdoor Advertising markets in the areas of marketing, technical and operational needs to ensure the success of the entire organization.

Ensures that he/she is highly accountable personally to overall business goals and objectives and that management and line personnel are held accountable to their respective business goals.

Researches new business opportunities and presents those opportunities to the President/CEO or Regional Managers.


Preferred Qualifications:

Bachelor’s degree in Sales and Marketing or Business or equivalent experience.
Seven to ten years of media/advertising sales or relevant experience.
Five to seven years of management experience.
Ability to communicate effectively with the external clients and the internal client at all levels of personnel.
Ability to motivate others and to work under pressure.
Must be able to travel as required.
Must have keen awareness of competitive conditions.
Must have excellent analytical and problem solving skills.

Adams Outdoor offers employee benefits which include health, dental, vision, life insurance, flexible spending accounts, and 401(k).