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Better Know AN AR: Kim Kinkelaar
Posted: 12/27/18

Creative Commons licensed - Free for commercial use, by productionpollockco

For the next few weeks, it gets personal with a virtual staff meet-and-greet. This week, get to know Adams Champaign account representative, Kim Kinkelaar.

Kim is one of the office Jills-of-all-trades. Ever reliable, Kim handles inside sales over the phone, coordinates public-service announcements, runs myriad errands, and manages to look unflappable the whole time. In 2018, not only did she manage to do it all, and pulverize her sales goals - she also coordinated the lion's share of our front-office Christmas decor. She declined a photo for her feature, so this one seemed appropriate enough. Here are Kim's answers to our in-office survey:

What is your favorite...






One with GREAT Italian food!

Weekend activity?

Spending time with my family.

Alcoholic beverage?


Non-alcoholic beverage?



Edward Norton.

Birthday treat?

Ice cream cake from Dairy Queen.


Dog - I have a 12 year old Lab, named Kingston.

What is your least favorite office task?

I can't think of one.

Pet Peeve?

Being interrupted.

What do you complain about?

Time - Too much time, too little time.

Bonus question! What is your favorite personal possession?

My cell phone!

Kim is a member of our talented staff who's ready to stand and deliver, no matter what the details are. Call 217-352-4460 - get to know the Adams team today!


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